Digital Work Orders for the Construction and Maintenance Industry

We understand your challenges:

  • Manual time registration for project administration is currently done on paper.
  • From January 2023, everything must be documented. A digital dossier must be created.
  • Risk analysis is recorded on paper.
  • Additional work is registered on paper, poorly or not at all. It's common for work orders not to be signed off.
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The field service solution for your work orders, scheduling, time tracking, and invoicing for the construction industry

  • Work faster and more efficiently.
  • Minimise manual tasks.
  • Access the platform from anywhere you are.
  • Document with forms.
  • Enter digital risk analysis.

Our Benefits for You

Digital Work Orders in the Construction and Maintenance Industry

A digital work order is a great replacement for the old-fashioned paper work slips. The convenience of a digital work order is that you always have it on hand since you always have your phone or iPad with you. No more hassle with lost paper work orders or inaccuracies. With the digital work order app, you have much more than just a simple work order in your pocket.


Ad-hoc function

Work orders that don't need to be addressed immediately can be queued on the map. These work orders can then be picked up when a field service worker is nearby.

Calculator function

Project-based work: define costs and hours based on pre-calculation, create activities, and monitor the progress of all your projects.


Asset Management

Multiple installations (assets) at the same customer's location? Manage them all individually and build a history of work orders for each asset.

Warehouse System

Create (sub)warehouses and ensure you always have insight into how much stock you have of a particular product. All changes are tracked, and if you fall below a certain level, you receive an immediate alert.

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We see this happening in your industry

We have noticed that the pace of digitalisation in the construction industry has slowed down in recent years and still lags behind the average of all Dutch companies. However, the benefits of digitalisation are enormous. Efficiency increases as a result.

Digitalisation can greatly improve information provision to all departments and chain partners. It also makes it easier to manage data.

Because all data is collected digitally, companies can make better strategic decisions based on facts from data.

Digitalisation can also help construction companies comply with the Quality Assurance Act that will be introduced in 2023 and limit the increasing administrative burdens.

Transparency to customers can be increased, giving customers better insight into costs, quality, and delivery times.

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