The Digital Work Order: Increases Efficiency Within Your Company!

A digital work order is a great replacement for the old-fashioned paper work orders. The convenience of a digital work order is that you always have it with you because you always have your phone or iPad with you. No more hassle with lost paper work orders or inaccuracies. With the digital work order app, you have much more than just a simple work order in your pocket. We'd love to tell you more about it.

Our all-round field service software is linked to the work order app. With this, you can digitize and optimize your entire field service process. OutSmart helps you further optimize and improve your company and work processes.

Try OutSmart's digital work orders for free now. We assist you in implementing the processes so that you can fully utilize all functionalities.

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Discover OutSmart's digital work orders

Everyone always up-to-date

With an app for digital work orders, every employee is always up-to-date. If an employee receives a new task or a change in an existing task, they see it immediately. So, they always have the latest information about their schedule.

Solution for field service

With a comprehensive digital planning board for your planners, an app for your field service, and the ability to digitize your administration and work schedules, an app like OutSmart is more than just a digital work order app.

Try it for free

Free digital work order? At OutSmart, you can try the digital work order for free. This way, you can see for yourself how a digital work order helps you automate and simplify your field service.

Why start with Digital Work Orders?

More and more companies are transitioning to digital work orders, and it's not without reason. Paper work orders come with significant drawbacks. They often get left behind, lost, or filled out in illegible handwriting.

This is all a thing of the past with digital work orders. You're less likely to forget your phone or iPad, and they are less likely to go missing. Furthermore, a typed work order is always legible. In addition to these advantages, a digital work order offers you much more convenience. We've listed the benefits of digital work orders for you:


Easily retrieve closed projects
The question of who is responsible for what will never go unanswered again. The entire work order administration is centralized and easy to search through.

Automatically get everyone working the same way
Everything is automated, and your employees all use the same software. As a result, each employee automatically has their administration in order, and everyone works systematically in the same way.

Save storage space and paper
Instead of cabinets full of administration from past years, with a digital work order app, not only have you streamlined your workflow, but you also have your entire administration digitized and organized.

Efficient working, because everyone is up-to-date in real-time
The planner doesn't need to call field service workers for every change in the schedule to inform them. Each field service worker sees the change appear in their schedule in real-time.

Works on Android and iOS
Whether you have a Samsung, Nokia, iPad, or iPhone: OutSmart works on both Android and iOS. Your field service workers, planners, and other office staff are constantly connected without having to call each other repeatedly.

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OutSmart's Digital Work Order App

With a digital work order, you make your life a lot easier. OutSmart goes one step further: we actively seek feedback from our customers on our digital work orders. Based on the feedback and requests of our customers, we have expanded our work order app with various useful features that make our work orders even more convenient to use:

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  • Send documents with work orders.
  • Allow field service workers to insert photos of work that has been completed.
  • Request a customer's signature immediately after the job is done.
  • Never struggle with inaccurate time tracking again.
  • Digital version of the well-known work forms.
  • Use digital work orders offline as well.

Smooth collaboration with your field service

First and foremost, OutSmart is designed to seamlessly manage your field service. With OutSmart, the line of communication with your field service workers is direct. You no longer need to make follow-up calls; instead, you send them their work order along with all the necessary project information. They receive the work order and all attachments immediately, giving them all the information they need to efficiently and effectively complete the job. Your field service worker checks off their completed tasks adds photos of the project, and obtains the customer's signature on the spot. With time-tracking software, they can also log all their hours. They send all this information back to the office, where you or your team member can send the invoice to the customer with a single click.

At OutSmart, we take pride in making the work of thousands of field service workers and planners easier every day. But we thought it could be even easier. Our workflow software seamlessly aligns all of this.

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With OutSmart, you can do (even) more

Using OutSmart changes your entire way of working. Everything becomes easier: not only does the management process of your field service become simpler, but your administration also runs smoother, and you can invoice with a single click. The interface of OutSmart is logical and intuitive, so you quickly get used to working with OutSmart and soon won't want to go back.

Where OutSmart originally started as a digital work order app, it has now evolved into a complete platform with many more benefits:

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  • Send documents with work orders.
  • Allow field service workers to insert photos of work that has been completed.
  • Request a customer's signature immediately after the job is done.
  • Never struggle with inaccurate time tracking again.
  • Digital version of the well-known work forms.
  • Use digital work orders offline as well.

Curious about our digital work orders (and all other features)?

We can talk about our digital work orders and what else OutSmart can do all day, but those who can tell you even better are our customers:

On an annual basis, PH Plus Solution saves thousands of euros. This is truly the innovation and cost-saving solution of 2022!

The service is truly superb, within 5 seconds, someone is on the line to assist immediately.

OutSmart is highly professional and indispensable in our business process. All processes are now much more efficient.


However, the best way to be convinced of OutSmart is still by trying it out yourself. We've come up with something: you can try our digital work orders and all the other benefits that OutSmart offers for free for a month.

We'd love to hear what you think of your experience. What are you excited about, what could be better? With your help, we improve our software every day!

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