Digital word orders in security

We know your challenges:

  • Timesheets are completed late and (illegible) work orders are regularly submitted late
  • Specific customer data is not getting to employees in the right way
  • Breakdown vouchers are not created or are created on paper which means employers do not have real-time information about what is happening in the field
  • Periodic maintenance contracts are often too cumbersome and forgotten when scheduling. Just as SLA contracts need to be recorded, this is regularly forgotten
  • There is no customer portal so the client cannot see the history
  • There is manual communication towards the customer
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The field service solution for your work order, planning and invoicing for safety issues

  • Timesheets and work orders are automatically recorded and processed
  • Employees can access all (specific) customer data and do not have to do manual communication towards the customer. This is automated
  • Using the customer portal, the client can view all history himself
  • Fault receipts can be created in the app, informing the employer immediately and keeping the administration neatly updated
  • No more illegible work orders because work orders are completed digitally

Benefits for the security industry

A digital work order is a good replacement for the old familiar paper work orders. The handy thing about a digital work order is that you always have it in your pocket, as you always have your phone or iPad with you. No more hassle with lost paper work orders or inaccuracies. With the digital work order app, you have much more in your pocket than just a simple work order.


Object management

Several installations (objects) at the same customer? Manage them all individually and build a history of work orders per object. With this, you record all objects and sub-objects. All information is immediately to hand in one app.



Have your field staff complete the work order in exactly the same way as the predefined workflow. This way, you will always receive the correct information.

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We see a movement towards horizontal integration between different environments: on the server, in the cloud or edge. Smarter services and applications are continuously being implemented within all three environments. This shift means that security and monitoring systems are moving more accurately and quickly, from reactive to proactive and from manual to automatic. This reduces bandwidth and energy requirements which brings down costs. Within the security domain, more and more processes are automated and more efficient. Wondering how our software can digitise your processes and set them up more efficiently?

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