Plans and Features

Get rid of paper and make a change to digital today. Make your employees collaborating in the cloud and get real-time updates about your field services.

OutSmart offers three plans with different levels of functionality: Basic, Team, and Pro. Please, see below all features contained in each plan.


  • OutSmart App
    Through the app, employees can access all services scheduled in their name and record hours and items consumed.
  • Planning Board
    A simple and intuitive scheduling calendar to assign work orders to your technicians. Drag and drop an order at the date and time you want to provide the service.
  • Basic CRM
    Save or import your customers, contacts, and emails. The CRM not only will allow you to manage your customer data but also access your work order history.
  • Software Integrations
    OutSmart can integrate with various online solutions. For example, by integrating with an invoicing program, you can synchronise customers and items. Once the technician completes an order, the integration will automatically create the invoice with all details.


  • Quotes
    With this feature, your customers can receive, sign and approve quotes online. Also, you can easily convert quotes into work orders with just one click from the Backoffice.
  • Dashboards
    To quickly identify business trends and track pending activities or services, you can create dynamic dashboards with a clean and intuitive interface.
  • Projects
    Want to know how many hours you spend on each project? Outsmart offers a simple project module that allows you to record ongoing projects. Create orders associated with projects, and each time a technician completes a work order, the hours will be accounted for and deducted from a set budget.
  • Forms
    Design your service forms with ease. Before closing a work order, an employee can fill out a form with questions previously determined. These forms can be associated with a specific type of work or simply with a random order.
  • Email templates
    Send personalised emails automatically every time a service is scheduled or completed. You can also set up reminders to notify your customers about the date and time of the job.


  • Automations
    You can create automatic processes that will run based on set events or actions. For example, send an SMS to your customer when an employee or technician is on his way.
  • Asset Management
    Keep track of your customers' assets, serial numbers, installation dates, and more. Your technicians will have access to the history of services provided to each customer and each piece of equipment.
  • Customer portal
    Your customers can submit service requests, check their statuses, get access to reports, quotes, and invoices from a single and custom URL.
  • Contract Management
    This feature allows you to plan recurring services and track hours and items added during the contract term.
  • Ad-hoc Orders
    Arrange work orders on a map according to the location of your customers. Technicians in the field can claim the jobs that are closest to their geolocation.
  • Workflows
    Define all the steps to complete a job and allow the technician to follow and complete the workflow from the mobile App.
  • Custom Reports
    Configure daily, weekly, or monthly reports based on jobs performed, forms completed, hours and materials consumed, etc. Download the information in Excel for analysis.

Compare each plan

Planner / Backoffice
Planner / Backoffice
Planner / Backoffice
Work orders
Software integrations
Remote support
Roles and permissions
Device policies
Email templates
Hours and Skills
Employees certificates
Travel assistance
Adhoc planning
Customer Portal
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Asset management
Contracts and SLA
Warehouse and Stock
Advanced Reporting
OutSmart App features
Field Service
Field Service
Field Service
Work orders
Photo uploading
Customer signature
Work order observations
Work order history
Automatic hour selection

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