Welcome to our FAQ page. We have carefully looked at the types of questions that we receive on a daily basis and try to answer them in the clearest possible way. We have also addressed some general questions regarding OutSmart . The page is divided into several categories so that you can easily look up your question and answer.

Is your question not listed? That is annoying, but never mind. We have a YouTube channel with all kinds of useful tutorials. In addition to all the tutorials, we also place our webinars on this channel. A lot of relevant information can also be found here.

You can also contact us by telephone 020 – 229 81 44, email support@out-smart.com , chat or the contact form.

  • Billing

    • How can I pay?

      There are several options for this: iDeal, VISA, Maestro and Mastercard credit card or direct debit are all legitimate payment options. Keep in mind that permission is required from the account holder for direct debit.

    • When will I receive the invoice?

      We always send our invoices at the end of the month. In the case of an annual subscription, the invoice will be sent at the end of the month in which the license was purchased.

    • How does the payment process work?

      When the free trial period has ended and it is decided to switch to a paid subscription, a payment request will be sent via our partner Buckaroo. This amount is of course based on the type and number of licenses from the trial period.

    • Do I receive a payment request every month if I take out a monthly subscription?

      No, this is only with the first payment. When the first payment has been successfully completed, the rest of the payments will expire automatically.

    • Is it possible to change the payment frequency from an annual to a monthly subscription?

      Yes, if you want to change this, please contact us via email support@out-smart.com , telephone 0202291844 or the contact form .

  • General

    • Who and what is OutSmart?

      OutSmart is a modern SaaS company that has found a digital solution for the field service process. We are a complete Field Service Management Tool, also your digital tool case.

    • How does OutSmart work?

      OutSmart consists of two parts: a web component which will be used by the people in the office and the app on the mobile device for the field service employee.

      Employees who work with the web component can adjust various settings to the corporate identity of the company. And perhaps most importantly, it is possible to create work orders here and schedule them for the field service employees.

      For the field service we have developed an app for both iOS and Android. Scheduled work orders in the back office can be easily retrieved in the app. Now the field employee has the work order on his mobile device. In the app he / she can indicate all kinds of things about the work performed. This includes travel and working times, materials used and notes. When the receipt is complete it can be sent to the back office. This way, invoicing can start immediately.

    • Is there the possibility to test first?

      Yes, you can test OutSmart for one whole month for free and without obligation. During this month you can test with the type of license that is suitable for your organization.

      In addition, it is also possible to schedule a live demo. This is a 20-minute conversation in which you can ask questions that may be relevant to you. We recommend you first take a look here to see if your question is in the middle. You can also visit our YouTube channel, Redactie OutSmart, where we place a lot of handy tutorials and complete webinars. There is a good chance that your question will be dealt with here.

    • What happens after the free trial month?

      This is entirely dependent on how happy you are with the product. If you decide to continue, this month will continue in a paid subscription. There is the option to pay this subscription monthly or annually. When you opt for the annual payment you will be a bit cheaper.

    • What happens to my data if I do not continue?

      If after a month you have the idea that we are not what you are looking for then your data will be deleted after a while, after the end of the trial month.

    • Why don’t I see work orders and relationships in the back office?

      This is probably caused by the chosen internet browser. With Internet Explorer version 11 it sometimes happens that not all functionalities are properly supported. We recommend switching to Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera.

    • Can I prepare work orders for the future?

      Yes, this is one of the great features of OutSmart. It is possible to plan as far in advance as you want. All these vouchers can be conveniently arranged in our list view or on the planning board plus. You can assign each work order to a field employee. In addition, you can largely complete this work order with the project number, type of work and the planned work and required materials. There is a setting in the back office that allows you to indicate how many days in advance work orders can be picked up in the app.

    • In which way can I create a new type of work?

      A separate heading has been created for this under Settings -> remaining.

  • Integration

    • How much does an integration with OutSmart cost?

      This is different per integration. When the integration is made by the other party, we do not charge any costs ourselves. If the integration has been developed by us, we will ask for compensation.

    • Is the accounting system leading in an integration?

      Yes, when data is returned, it must pass several checks. If these do not meet the set requirements, the data will not be processed.

    • Can I integrate my own CRM / ERP package with OutSmart?

      Yes, this is one of the major benefits of OutSmart. We have an open API, which means that our system can be integrated with any other software package that also has these options.

    • What can I do with an integration?

      With an integration it is possible to exchange certain data easily and automatically between systems. For example, it is possible to prepare work orders from your own CRM / ERP, synchronize materials and relationships and receive completed work orders as a trial invoice. This will greatly speed up the invoicing process towards your customer. Our system can be integrated with a large number of CRM / ERP packages. See here which.

  • License

    • Which license do I need?

      We understand that every organization is different and therefore has different needs. To anticipate this down to the last detail would be extremely difficult. In order to be able to meet your personalized needs somewhat, we have three different licenses that you can choose from: Basic , Team and Pro.

    • Is there a minimum number of licenses that I have to purchase?

      When you start OutSmart you will need to purchase at least two licenses. One for the back office account and one for the account on the mobile device.

      If you are already a customer and want to purchase additional licenses, you can do this through the license manager. Remember that for every unique mobile device that you connect to the company portal, a new license must be purchased. Paired devices can be found under the ‘paired devices’ tab.

    • Can I upgrade to another version during a current contract?

      Yes, you can, but keep in mind the form of payment. If you already pay annually, the additional price will be charged once. If you purchase our licenses every month, you will have to pay the difference next month. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via the contact form or mail us at support@out-smart.com


    • Is it possible to make a mix between the different licenses?

      No, unfortunately this is not possible. The license type is based on the back office account. It is therefore not possible to have office staff working with a Pro license and field staff with Basic.

  • Mobile device

    • How do I install the app for my mobile device?

      The application can be downloaded in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store since the app works on both iOS and Android. Go to the Store that applies to you and search for OutSmart. Click on the OutSmart app and start the installation.

    • How can I link another mobile device to the web account?

      Every mobile device that is connected is displayed in the back office. An overview of all mobile devices can be found under the ‘Paired devices’ tab. Click on disconnect here if you want to remove a specific device. Now this license is not in use and therefore open to link another mobile device.

    • Can I delete coupons, materials and hours in the app?

      Yes, this is very easy. Click on the relevant line and hold it for two seconds. Now a pop-up appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the selected line.

    • Can I also use the app offline?

      The app can be used without WiFi or 4G. Data entered during this “offline mode” will be sent to the back office when it is connected to the internet again.

    • Can I change the email address of the customer in the app?

      Yes, this can be done in two different ways. In the app there is an overview with all customers available. This is located in the main menu (3 lines at the top left). If you want to change the e-mail address of a specific customer, look it up. Now click on the relevant customer and then enter the ‘Edit customer’ screen. As the name suggests, it is possible to change all kinds of data here, including the e-mail address. Another way to change a customer’s e-mail address is at the end of a complete work order. When it is about to be sent, it is possible to change the specified e-mail address.

    • From which version is the iPad app compatible?

      The minimum version required for the app to function properly is iOS 11.

    • Why does synchronization sometimes occur when I try to send a work order?

      This problem is caused by a strange sign somewhere in the text that the server does not understand. If this error occurs please check the entire work order, where there is text. If strange characters such as: #,% or € occur here, please delete them. Then save the line again and send the receipt.

    • Why does my iPad app stop working after the last update?

      Very occasionally it happens that updating the iPad app is not going properly. This can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Then connect the mobile device to the web account again so that all data and settings are synchronized. Follow the following concrete steps:

      1. Remove the app from the iPad.
      2. Search the App Store for ‘OutSmart’ and install the app.
      3. Go to the back office and make sure that a license is free to link to. You can do this under the ‘Registered clients’ tab.
      4. Click ‘Connect’ in the web account settings in the app.
    • What is the oldest iPad version that is supported?

      OutSmart works on all iPads from version 2. This also applies to the iPad mini.

    • Does the start and stop button timer work even if I switch off the mobile device in the meantime?

      Yes, the timer continues. However, this button is not linked to a specific work order. When the tablet, and then the app, is restarted, the correct receipt must be selected.

  • Remaining

    • Do I need a server of my own to work with OutSmart?

      No, this is one of the benefits of OutSmart, it is a full Cloud service. By working in the Cloud, acquisition of servers is not necessary. We also ensure the security of your data and any preventive maintenance.

    • Is it possible to submit new functionalities?

      We are of course open to this, new ideas are always welcome. Send us all information about the functionality as clear as possible to us then our team will review it. Despite the fact that we value new ideas, not every new idea will be implemented.

    • Can I see if my engineer is working?

      Yes, within OutSmart this is even a separate function: the work order status. You can create multiple types of work order status yourself in the back office. When the field service employee is working, he / she can use this function to indicate the status of the current work order.

    • Do I have to make backups and / or download updates myself?

      OutSmart is managed by a professional team of information system experts. This team is responsible for the preventive maintenance of the infrastructure where OutSmart is hosted. So you do not have to make any backups yourself. The apps are improved every once in a while. Normally these are not major interventions, this mainly concerns minor bug fixes and other quality of life improvements. When these updates come out you will only have to download them yourself. This can easily be done in the App or Google Play Store.