Functionalities of our purchase orders app

With OutSmart purchase orders app and CRM, you will have every opportunity to optimise your work processes.

Below we describe some of the most used functionalities from creating invoices automatically from purchase or work orders, track your employee’s work hours and much more!

Click on the function you want to know more about and scroll directly to it.

purchase orders app

Purchase order management in one click

Managing your work/purchase orders is extremely easy with our mobile app system and desktop software.

Save time by using the mobile apps (iOS, Android) smartphone and tablet to create invoices, send work orders to your employees and more.

Have more time for yourself, work less, save money and focus on what you do best: your job and let OutSmart do the rest!

What can you do with OutSmart’s purchase orders CRM app?

  • Time tracking (time clock function).
  • Material registration.
  • Add photos before and after work
  • Customers can pay immediately (with SumApp payments app)
  • available from the BASIC plan

Plan and track your purchase orders easily and seamlessly

By using our purchase orders app, planning will be much easier! 

With the OutSmart planning capabilities, you can drag and drop purchase orders to the dashboard in one click.  You can also track in real-time through the map where your employees are.

From time tracking, order invoice, invoice creation to many more features to help you save time and money!

Below, an overview of the features our OutSmart CRM business software offers:

  • planning board to set per day/week/month
  • grouping employees
  • filter by name, skills or group
  • drag everything & amp; drop
  • real-time display of all people on a ticket
  • work stock
  • available from BASIC plan

CRM features

Everything in one place 

With OutSmart purchase orders CRM, all your contacts are in one central place.

For each relationship, you can see the history of the customer at your company, the status of receipts, any outstanding customer service issues and much more.

  • all data from a customer in one central location
  • view the history of completed coupons
  • view sent and open quotes and invoices
  • Create purchase orders
  • add notes and tasks
  • available from the BASIC plan

Forget the frustration of having all your work files, customer information in different places, with our CRM business software you will save time, frustration and money effectively and easily.

Create offers and deals to impress your customers

With OutSmart Quotations you can quickly create a customised offer. Have the quote signed online and immediately convert it into a purchase order.

Who doesn’t want a process that works so efficiently?

  • sign a quote online
  • send automatic reminders
  • converts a quote directly into a purchase order or invoice
  • set up templates to re-use every time you need them
  • Add files (eg general terms and conditions) to the quotation as an attachment or as part of the quotation
  • available from the BASIC plan

Convert your orders to invoices easily

Make an online invoice in 1 click from the purchase order  app 

With OutSmart Invoices you can quickly convert a work order to an invoice. Automatic monitoring and sending of reminders.
Book your sales. You can even have customers pay directly from the app (with SumUp).

  • create your own invoice layout (s)
  • create customised billing schedules
  • automatically send reminders
  • communication log
  • debtors / dashboard revenue
  • pay/invoice in the App with SumUp payment software
  • converts work orders/quotes directly into an invoice
  • available from the BASIC plan

Create business contracts as you need

Monitor the quality of your business, we help you to create effective business contracts 

With OutSmart Contracts you simply record the agreements between you and your customer. Contracts helps you monitor your agreements and can even schedule orders automatically. Always know exactly what has been promised and whether you meet all the agreements. That way you can offer quality.

  • choice of various contract types
  • work orders are placed in the work stock at the right time by default on the basis of the contract
  • linking objects, forms, materials, hour types can be set as standard
  • contract management, easy starting and stopping contracts.
  • available from PRO plan

Full capabilities for project management: save time and stress managing your work assignments

  • create tasks within a project
  • define hours and costs based on pre-calculation
  • project progress monitoring
  • project planning
  • available from TEAM plan


Create custom forms, from checklist to VAT certificate

With the OutSmart forms editor you can easily create your own forms. The forms are filled in in the app and can optionally be emailed to the customer with a work order in PDF.

  • create your own forms with the forms editor
  • easily answer questionnaires via the app
  • add your photos and signature to the form
  • make mandatory fields
  • add forms to your maintenance contract by default.
  • optional: we can tailor a PDF form to look exactly the way you want
  • available from TEAM plan

Internal management

Manage all your customers’ assets in a clear manner

With OutSmart internal (object)  Management you manage all your customers’ objects. In addition, you can direct your field service precisely to the objects that must be serviced.
The field service sees the entire history of an object in one store in the app. This makes the digital tool box complete.

  • create all your activities or import from Excel
  • object parts can also be added in a tree structure
  • history of all service orders per object visible from both the app and web portal
  • also transparent for the customer in the customer portal
  • available from PRO plan

Time registration

Track all your staff’s hours 

With OutSmart Timesheets you can easily register your or employees hours within the app.
The manager keeps an overview of the web account and can approve or reject the hours.

  • indirectly book hours from the app
  • manager manages all booked hours
  • available from TEAM plan

Customer portal

Offer an online portal with your logo as a professional service to your customers.
The OutSmart customer portal can be customized in your house style. Give your customers insight into the service assignments always and everywhere or let them do assignment requests themselves.

  • to be offered per relation
  • to adapt to your corporate identity
  • show all customer work orders
  • show all (open) invoices (i.c.m. link Exact Online)
  • available from PRO plan