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Digital Work Orders

Manage all field service steps, from planning to invoice:

  • Work order overview by different stages/statuses
  • Time tracking (hours consumed)
  • Add items (product or services consumed).
  • Attach documents, images, and forms
  • Assign work orders to multiple employees, based on their skills and availability
  • Add observations and photos
  • Service slip is automatically sent upon work order completion
  • Starting from BASIC plan

Planning Board

Manage all schedules from one single planning board, from technicians to internal resources.

  • Calendar view by days, weeks, and months ahead
  • Apply filters by employee, skills, and resources
  • Create groups based on different business criteria
  • Easily drag and drop work orders to available employees
  • View all changes in real time
  • Apply colors to different stages/statuses for tracking purposes
  • Starting from BASIC plan

Basic CRM

Access your customer history including work orders, asset information, quotes, invoices and contracts.

  • Import and create new entries
  • Support to multiple entries (such as multiple addresses and contacts)
  • Starting from BASIC plan.


Create and send service quotes to your customers. Allow your customers to preview and approve online quotes. Once a quote is approved it can be converted into a work order.

  • Custom design and layout (logo, header, footer, etc.)
  • Set reminders and craft email messages to be sent automatically
  • Attach files to quotes (ideal for catalogs, legal documents, etc.)
  • Online revision and online approval
  • Keep track of all changes and interactions in a log
  • Starting from TEAM plan


Create and manage contracts for both preventive and corrective maintenance services.

  • Link specific assets (objects) to service contracts
  • Predefine work orders and attach forms and items
  • Establish recurring work orders when necessary
  • Keep track of active, inactive, and expiring contracts
  • Starting from PRO plan


Manage projects closely and keep track of their progress from the backoffice.

  • Create activities for each project
  • Define statuses and budgets (hour and items consumed)
  • Assign work orders to projects
  • Easily evaluate profitability for each scenario
  • Available on the TEAM Plan


Easily create forms with unlimited questions needed for each work type.

  • Configure forms with predefined answers
  • Add different types of fields depending on your needs (checkbox, radio button, etc.)
  • Add special sections (signatures or pictures) and mandatory fields
  • Make the form public or private
  • Support to custom design using HTML/Javascript
  • Available on the TEAM Plan

Asset Management

Register customers assets (objects) and keep track of all service interventions.

  • Easily create or import assets from a Excel or CSV file
  • Support to asset parts or subparts (hierarchy)
  • Field service agents can view history information on the go
  • Pinpoint external assets on a map for tracking purposes
  • Available on the PRO Plan

TimeSheet Module

Keep a record of all registered hours on work order, projects, or simple tasks. Control your invoiceable versus non-invoiceable hours.

  • Submit hours via OutSmart app for Android or iOS
  • Workflow to approve or reject entries from the backoffice
  • Allow to add trips and expenses from the app or backoffice
  • Access to weekly or monthly reports
  • Available on the PRO Plan

Customer Portal

The portal works as a backoffice for your customers. Setup a customer URL and have all service information organized for them.

  • Add a company logo and craft welcome messages
  • Define your portal configuration – what to see
  • Allow customers to request a work order with custom questions
  • Dashboards and overall information
  • Available on the PRO Plan